VedasOfWellness is a concept designed to empower people by providing business/self-employment opportunities.

Employment is not a problem, but the income paid is just not enough to sustain life. We identified that working-class people are struggling to meet their financial needs.

In today’s world, underemployment is becoming a challenge. The majority is working for less value than worth. One of the reasons for such a condition is stiff competition and population.

What could be the possible solution? How can we provide a solution to raise the income levels?

We did some brainstorming and concluded that self-employment and entrepreneurship is the possible solution.

If we check the history of our country India, before 1930, there were fewer jobs and more self-employees & entrepreneurs. Our country never depends on the Job market to sustain life.

Things changed post-1970, The industrial revolution flooded our society with job opportunities, and people took pride in working for big companies.

We are trying to apply the modal of self-employment & entrepreneurship based economy.

We Focus On Following Opportunities As A Source Of Income


#1 – Fitness Trainer Program

The fitness industry is on rapid growth due to the health benefits it delivers. Research shows that regular workout and a proper diet can control many lifestyle diseases. Today fitness has become a common household term. Modern lifestyle has increased the chances of getting lifestyle diseases at an early age. Fitness training is an alternative to manage good health for a long duration.

If we take the population to hospital ratio, the number of hospitals per million are too low. Every year the health care burden is on raise.

Prevention is better than cure and prevention can reduce the financial burden. Prevention of diseases is where the Fitness industry fits in. Even people are aware of this fact and ready to adopt the change.

The Fitness industry has opened a vast opportunity for people looking for self-employment or entrepreneurship.


#2 – Diet & Nutrition Program

Nutrition supplement has opened a new dimension in the field of health care and wellness. Roots of this science can are from ancient Ayurveda. Nature has given us everything we need to live a healthy life. And to live a healthy life we need good food and nutrition in it.

Modern agriculture practices have degraded food quality over time, leading to nutrition deficiencies. The majority of health challenges are due to nutrition deficiencies or current lifestyle habits.

Nutrition supplements bring the critical ingredients in concentrated form on our plate. It can help us fulfill the nutrition gaps and boost our health condition.

There is a massive demand for Nutritionists and Nutrition supplements.


#3 – Beauty & Anti-aging Program

Everyone wants to look young and beautiful. Beauty is a burning desire of any common men & women. This desire exists from the time we humans got civilized.

Beauty and beauty products are a trillion-dollar industry. This industry will never see a downfall due to its demand.

Modern research and technology have taken this industry to the next level. Today, the products and services available in the beauty industry are just amazing.

Due to its complexity, the majority of the population are illiterate on this subject. People need someone to guide them to achieve their desired results.

Complexity provides an opportunity to become an expert in the beauty industry.

Show the right results, and people are ready to shell the money.


Agriculture Product Program

We promote agriculture products, which saves costs for farmers. We believe in organic and follow the best practices of organic farming.

Food is an essential commodity, and we get it from agriculture fields. We can live without a mobile phone for seven days, in contrast, one day without food is difficult to imagine.

Modern agriculture practices like the green revolution had degraded the farming lands. Also, the burden of cost is increasing on farmers.

We have an innovative and organic product that will help farmers to reduce the overall cost of yield. Our product is economical and affordable.

There is a vast opportunity in the cost-saving part of agriculture. If someone is ready to show farmers how to save money, they are willing to invest.


Air Purifier Program

Air pollution is a serious concern as it leads to many health challenges. Air pollution is a silent killer.

The only way to reduce air pollution is by planting more trees. Governments have to take some severe measures to save green corridors.

We have some innovative ways to tackle air pollution inside the home, office, cars, or any indoor place where people spend a lot of time.

The air filter technology we provide can filter the dust particles of size 0.0024 microns with 99.99% single-pass efficiency to provide cleaner indoor air.

There is a massive opportunity for indoor air purifiers. We will be happy to help as many people as possible.

We continuously search for ways and means which can generate sustainable long term income. Our goal is to help people lay a solid foundation for self-employment and entrepreneurship.

We conduct online training programs by using technologies like ZOOM. It becomes easy to train a person living in a remote place. Everyone cannot travel to a specific location if we do classroom training only. Smooth connectivity is the reason we use technology to deliver our training programs.

Thank you for your time and curiosity to know about us. Please feel free to connect with us. Have a great day.