Women are more liable to suffer from UTI than men. It is estimated that around 50-60% of women will have UTI in their lifetime. Antibiotics can control UTI in 3 days and suppress the condition. But there is a good reason why people look for UTI treatment without antibiotics. Because UTIs can reoccur and long term use of antibiotics can strengthen the bacteria responsible for Urinary Tract Infection.

UTI Treatment Without Antibiotics

Why women have more chances to develop UTI?  Because the distance between urethra and bladder of women is shorter when compared to men. It is easy for bacteria to move up into the bladder, ureters, and kidneys to spread infection.

What is UTI?

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is caused by bacteria when it enters urethra, bladder, ureters or kidneys. A bacteria called Escherichia coli, also know as E.coil, is found in 90% of the cases. Mild infection will flush out while urination and symptoms of UTI will not appear. In severe cases, the infection-causing bacteria will not flush out and enters the bladder.

Condition will become serious when bacteria are moving upward from the bladder to ureters and kidneys. The impact of infection can impair the function of kidneys and in the worst scenarios, it can damage the kidneys.

Do not neglect the infection at the initial stages as it will get worse with time. If you are keen to have UTI treatment without antibiotics, then quickly get on to the home remedies for UTI. Wait for a week and check how you progress. Consult a doctor if your problem is severe.

UTI Treatment Without Antibiotics – 11 Best Ways

1. Increase The Water Intake

Peeing is the only way to flush out E.coil bacteria from your body. Try to take 12 glass of water in the entire day at frequent intervals. There will be a frequent urge to urinate as the immune system is trying to kick out the bacteria. Because of this reason, you have to hydrate yourself with water and support your urinary system. 

Cranberry juice contains an active ingredient that is antibacterial in nature. That active ingredient will bind itself to E.coil bacteria and will not allow it to stick to the urinary tract. Take unsweetened cranberry juice for the best results.

Stay away from caffeine and alcohol. Caffeine and alcohol will be an extra burden on your urinary system. Do not become the enemy of your own body. When you are trying UTI treatment without antibiotics, these things make a lot of difference.

2. Urinate Frequently

Urinate whenever your body sends an indication to you. Not peeing for a long duration will intensify the infection. Bacteria will multiply and try to move up in the urinary tract.

You are trying UTI treatment without antibiotics or with antibiotics, it is important to drink water. Drink 12-14 glass of water in a day.

3. Use Structured Water

The first point under UTI treatment without antibiotics is drinking plenty of water and structured water is closely related to that point.

Our body is made up of natural elements and one of the major elements in our body is water. 70% of our body is composed of fluids and the underlying element of those fluids is water.

Structured water can detoxify your body, boost the immune system, help you overcome constipation, improve memory, improve skin health and there are many other benefits.

Water which is found naturally on mountains, in rivers or any other source of nature, is structured and healthy. The water we get from the tap is not structured as it goes through the machine process.

You can create structured water at home. All you need is a copper plate. Copper can purify the water and structure it as well.

Put 10-15 liters of water in a steel vessel and place the copper plate in it. Leave it for 12 hours and the structured water is ready. 

Transfer water into a fresh vessel and leave the water at the bottom (just above the copper plate). Now you can start using the water.

Clean the copper plate with raw lemon or raw tamarind for next use. Put little water and rub (lemon or tamarind) all over the plate. The next step is to clean it with water. Do not use detergents or cleaners for this purpose.

4. Ellura For UTI

Ellura is a powerful urinary tract supplement that starts working within hours after taking a capsule. The active ingredient of this supplement is proanthocyanidins or PAC. Proanthocyanidins are found deep within the concentrated form of cranberry juice. PAC attaches to UTI causing bacteria and protects your urinary tract wall. The bacteria attached to PAC will be flushed out at the time of urination. 

Ellura works on 24 hours protection cycle and can be taken once regularly at the same time. This supplement has no artificial sweeteners or sugar, so it is safe for diabetics. This supplement has zero oxalates which may cause kidney stones. It can be taken with other medications as it does not contain vitamin K. Also it is Vegan, Non-GMO and gluten-free.

Take one capsule to prevent UTI and take two capsules if you suspect UTI may occur.

Since you are looking for UTI treatment without antibiotics, trying Ellura will be a great start. Also, you can use this supplement for UTI prevention.

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5. D-Mannose For UTI

D-Mannose is a naturally occurring sugar and its structure is similar to glucose found in fruits, vegetables, and plants. D-Mannose is absorbed quickly in the body and goes out through urine. 

This supplement is a simple sugar that sticks to UTI causing bacteria (E.coil) and does not allow E.coil to stick to the urinary tract wall. This process enables your urinary system to eliminate E.coil from the urinary tract.

Many People prefer D-Mannose when they are looking for UTI treatment without antibiotics. There are no extensive studies to prove its efficacy, but there are small trails been done to show its effectiveness. It is been noticed that the end result of D-Mannose is as good as antibiotics. 

This supplement does not hamper blood sugar levels, so it is safe for diabetics. Our body does not metabolize D-Mannose like other sugars, so it is safe for anyone who avoids sugars. Also, the excess dose will be flushed out in the urine.

One capsule or one teaspoon per day is taken for the prevention of UTI. The dosage of this supplement will go up 2 to 3 times at the time of UTIs. D-Mannose can be taken in powder or capsule form. Check the user guide for the dosage and cycle suggested by the manufacturer.

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6. Vitamin C For UTI

The studies observed that vitamin C can control UTI and decrease the risk of reoccurrence. Vitamin C acidifies the urine and controls UTI causing bacteria. 

At the time of UTI, an adult can take 1000 mg twice a day along with other supplements. Vitamin C is a water-soluble substance and a high dose of this vitamin will be expelled through urine. 

The recommended dose can be taken safely for long term use. Please consult your physician for a high dose of vitamin C. Also check the guidelines of the supplement brand you selected.

The natural source of this vitamin is Kiwifruit, Orange, Black currant, Papaya, Grapefruit, Pineapple, Kale, Broccoli, and Parsley. Include these vitamin C rich food in your daily diet.

In a normal scenario, natural food can fulfill your daily need for vitamin C. You have to go for supplementation to fulfill the extra dose of vitamin C. It is not practically possible to get 2000 mg per day from food.

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7. Probiotics For UTI

During urinary tract infections (UTIs), it is found that E.coil displaces the good bacteria called lactobacilli. Lactobacillus is found naturally in the urinary tract and these bacteria promote good genital health. The use of probiotics will help you maintain a good level of lactobacillus in your body and reduce the chance of UTI.

Antibiotics can clear the UTI causing bacteria in 3 days and give quick relief. During the treatment, antibiotics will clear both good and bad bacteria from the urinary tract. In the absence of good bacteria, the chances of UTI reoccurrence is high. The prolonged use of antibiotics will increase bacterial resistance and they have other health hazards in the long run.

Lactobacilli produce hydrogen peroxide in urine and it is antibacterial in nature. It also balances the pH level which makes the condition inhabitable for UTI causing bacteria. Consider the probiotics with 50 billion CFU and above for best results.  

In Seaver conditions, probiotics can be placed directly in Virginia. This method will work quickly as it is placed directly on the affected area. A capsule can dissolve in there as it happens in oral consumption. Please check with your physician before trying this method for safety.

The benefits offered by probiotics make it a great addition than a choice. No matter on which therapy you are, UTI treatment without antibiotics or with antibiotics, probiotics will help you improve your overall gut health.

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8. Urinate After Sex

There are many ways the E.coil can enter the urinary tract and one of them is sex. Please be aware if you or your partner are not suffering from UTI at that time. Limit the frequency of sex at the time of UTIs, as the bacteria may get pushed further inside the urinary tract.

Peeing after sex will help you flush out the bacteria and avoid UTIs. It is a good idea to take the supplement after sex if you suspect that UTI may develop.

9. Sexual Hygiene To Prevent UTI

One of the common causes of urinary tract infection in both men and women is sex. A few precautions and sexual hygiene can help you avoid urinary tract infection.

  • Lubricate if it gets dry at the time of intercourse
  • Most of the lubricants contain glycerin and it may cause UTI
  • Avoid spermicide for birth control
  • Limit the frequency of sex at the time of suffering from UTI
  • Few condoms and feminine products can cause UTI, be cautious while picking a product
  • Do not use fragrance in the genital region
  • Wash hands & genitals before and after sex
  • Do not use soap or any other cleaner on genitals, cleaning should be done with plain water
  • Use a condom to minimize the possibility of UTI
  • Change condom between anal and Virginia intercourse
  • Keep yourself hydrated and pee before & after sex
  • Take D-Mannose or Ellura or both to minimize the possibility of UTI, after sex
  • Change the clothes and undergarments after sex. Keep them separately for wash and disinfect them properly
  • Undergarments made up of Cotton clothes are good as they absorb moisture. Weare fresh undergarments every day

It doesn’t matter you are on UTI treatment without antibiotics or with antibiotics, please take at most care and follow these things consciously. Start following these things and they will help you in the long run.

10. Wipe From Front To Back

Anatomy of Women is such that the distance between anus and vagina is less. Due to this reason, the bad bacteria from rare end can easily enter the urethra and hamper your health. Wiping from front to back will keep you safe and reduce the chances of UTI. 

One of the reasons for itching in the butt can be a lack of hygiene. The reason for itching can be bacteria causing mild infection. If ignored for a long duration, it can lead to a urinary tract infection.

If you are looking for long term solution under UTI treatment without antibiotics, then this practice of wiping from front to back will help you big time. Please guide your kids from a young age and help them grow with good hygiene practices.

11. Disinfect Your Undergarments

Disinfect your clothes and undergarments with organic cleaners. As chemical-based cleaners can cause skin rashes and infections.

At the time of suffering from UTI, consider changing undergarments twice a day. Few drops of urine on fabric can prolong the duration of UTI.

Do not give clothes for the laundry. Laundry can have a lot of bacteria, no matter how clean it is.

Wash your clothes at a higher temperature of 60 degrees and above.

UTI Symptoms In Men And Women

The mild infection will not show any symptoms. If the infection is getting strong then the following symptoms will start appearing.

  • Urge to urinate at short intervals and few drops of urine come out
  • Burning sensation while urination
  • The color of the urine will be red or a bit dark like tea. This is due to blood in urine
  • Urine will smell horrible and cloudy urine
  • Pressure or pain in the lower abdomen
  • Men will experience pain in rectal and for women, the pain will be in pelvic

UTI causing bacteria will slowly progress towards kidneys, if untreated at initial stages, it will lead to severe damage. If kidneys get effected than the symptoms will be fever, chills, vomiting, pain in upper back and sides. UTI treatment without antibiotics can help you If UTI is detected at the early stages. Else it may take more than a week to control the urinary infection, and also you may have to consult your physician.

What Causes UTI

The most common causes of UTIs are immobility or sedentary lifestyle, diabetes, no proper hygiene, previous history of UTI, leakage of urine, kidney stones, weak immune system, urinary tract obstructions which do not allow urine flow freely, pregnancy, usage of some condoms and feminine products can cause UTI.

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